8 Best Sites to Watch TV Shows Online Free in 2020

watch TV shows online free

Owing to a TV set or getting a cable connection isn’t needed to watch TV shows anymore. You can catch all your favourite shows online for free. Though not all of them are legal, they seldom involve serious legal implications.

If you want to limit yourself to absolutely legit options, you need to pay a premium. Some of the websites offer freemium content relating to TV shows and serials. The top of the SERPs usually lands you on sites that coax you into adding a browser extension. Hence, we have curated the list of 8 best sites to watch free TV shows online in 2020, in this post.


Owned by Sony, they let you watch TV shows for free. When it’s Sony, you need not worry about quality and reliability. They have some of the primed shows like Firefly, Seinfeld and more such classics. The catalogue is categorized to help explore more, along with search option. Also, they offer free Android and IOS apps that let you enjoy watching TV shows on the go.


This website has a good collection of superhero movies. For some supernatural drama, you have got The Originals and Supernatural. This site is exclusively for TV shows alone. The shows are streamed and removed after some time.

The collection is always limited compared to other options. CW TV handpicks the hot and trending shows and serials, suited to the liking of users.


Hotstar is strictly for the Indian audience. You can watch TV shows on popular Indian TV channels. The serials and shows get uploaded within minutes of the broadcast. By paying a premium, you can watch the shows on the same day. Else, you can watch it anytime later.

A Jio subscription gets you the VIP access. Besides free TV shows, you can enjoy free live streaming of cricket games. You can also vote for your favourite reality show contestant from this app. You can enjoy web series coming from the Indian subcontinent as well. They have recently partnered with Disney to bring some more amazing content.

Internet Archive

Naturally, internet archive is going to appear on any list relating to downloads. There is no denying that. It’s not just going to grace with its presence, but it will outsize other sources. There is a good amount of TV show content available here for download.

With sneaky smart filters, you can sort through all the scattered content available in the archives. You can even find vintage TV shows, government videos, event footage and more. you can use a wide range of filters including year, creator, language and categories.

Pluto TV

It works pretty much like regular TV, where you can flip through channels at any moment. It has several channels showing daily soap, sports, comedy and more. They also feature news channels to cater to the older crowd. Knowledge and lifestyle channels like NASA TV and Science TV is available too. Nevertheless, you can only watch content as it streams live.


It’s yet another amazing site that lets you watch TV shows for free. More importantly, it allows for watching TV shows legally. You got original content in several genres – action, drama, sci-fi, thriller, comedy, etc… All these genres constitute up to about 100 TV series in total.

You can watch movies and TV shows without signing up. They feature a ‘staff picks’ section which is a collection of top-rated TV shows and movies.


They cover interesting topics such as world history, wildlife, environment, kids, etc… If you are looking for trending shows, you might get disappointed. It is for the curious cats out there. The regular users are people who are always hungry for knowledge. The free streaming extends till smartphone apps and smart TV.


Tubi has a great collection of free TV shows presented well on a user-friendly interface. You can download android and IOS apps to access Tubi. The platform has well-outlined categories such as TV dramas, comedies and crime.

Besides TV series, they also feature tons and tons of feature films. The viewing experience transforms to another level when switching between devices.

Yahoo View

By 2017, Hulu ended its TV streaming services, much to the disappointment of its viewers. Partnering with Hulu, Yahoo picked up exactly where the former left. They offer almost all of Hulu content for free.

They work in a variety of genres – comedy, reality, documentary, etc… You can find the classical Ben 10 and Power puff Girls in the kid’s section. It will take a getting used to, to browse through the scattered content. Yahoo View offers current and classical TV shows in HD quality.


Youtube is a quick and simple way to watch TV shows online for free. You can now watch free online TV series. Youtube has planned on producing its share of originals as well. A lot of older web series circulate on YouTube quite often. Borderline copyright infringements are not addressed as quickly as you think.

You can hence catch a lot of TV shows on the world’s largest video sharing platform than you could imagine. Though you can see a lot of TV content on Youtube, all of them aren’t legal. Also, some of the production houses upload the classy serials and shows through their YouTube channel.


It’s perfectly legit to watch TV shows from any of the websites listed above. However, you may not be allowed to make copies of copywriter material. If you plan on using these videos, you are required to abide by the fair usage policy. Moreover, most of the sites and apps are locked for a particular geographical location.

You can always use a VPN or proxy to break the geographical barriers. Still, some of the app features like voting for a reality show may be locked outside the home country. Getting a local SIM card can help even bypass that. Moreover, not every jurisdiction allows operating TV show websites for free.

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