Top 6 best money making apps in 2019

best money making apps

If you really wants to earn extra money. There are the best money making apps which are so popular and convenient to earn free cash, gift cards and many other rewards.

Well, there are thousands of apps that pay, but certainly some are regarded as the best.

To make your work simple and easy, here I had done a small sort out and identified the best money making apps in 2019.

The below mentioned best money making apps had some unique ways to make money. Yeah, the unique ways include taking up the surveys, playing online games and many more things to do. All the apps are 100% free and you can definitely make few dollars each and every month.

Each and every app discussed below had some highlights, bonus gifts. You need to just tap your smartphone on how to make money by using those apps.

List of top 6 best money making apps:

1. Ibotta:

Ibotta is regarded as one of the best money making apps in 2019. It is very easy to use and top among the receipt scanning apps. By using this app you can get cash back on the products you already purchased. Since Ibotta partnered with multiple merchants you can choose from thousands of cashback opportunities

Ibotta helps you to earn cash back when you shop online, you can enjoy monthly , weekly bonus for shopping items. With Ibotta you can quickly boost your earnings as you shop.

Ibotta offers you 10$ sign up bonus when you download the app and redeem your first order. Upon scanning the first receipt the bonus will appear your account balance.

Ibotta offers you 5$ as the referral bonus for each time you refer. You can get the unique referral code in the app. Once the referral downloads the app and scans the first receipt the bonus will be credited in your account balance.

You can cash out your earnings through the PayPal or by gift cards from Amazon, Target, Walmart and many other retailers.

2. Shopkick:

Shopkick is another receipt scanning app and it si very fun, interactive too. It helps you to earn points called kicks when your purchase items from retailers. Upon scanning the receipt your kicks appear in the account.

You can get kicks instantly when you scan for the items barcode featured in the list. You can also link your card to get kicks for each and every dollar you spend. The shopkick also shows you how much you can earn.

You will get 250 kicks(1$) bonus when you sign up for shopkick. Those kicks will appear in your account if you use it within 7 days of creating the account.

When you successful refer a new user to shopkick you will get 250 kicks i.e 1$ bonus. If the referral uses the account within 7 days then the bonus will be credited to your account balance

Shopkick mainly prefers to pay via through gift cards only.

3. Shoptracker:

Shoptracker is a simple and easy money making app. It shows the passive way to the income growth. This app is automatically designed to track your Amazon purchases. All your purchases are recorded and collects the market research data of the customers.

By downloading and keeping the shoptracker on your laptop and smartphone you can earn 3$ each and every month. The thing you need to do is to take 2 minute survey every month.

You will receive 3$ as the sign up bonus when you install the app and create new account. The amount will be reflected within 48 hours of account creation. It does not support the referral bonus. You will get 3$ each and every month through 3 digital VISa prepaid card which can be used to shop online just like your credit or debit card.

4. Drop:

Drop is one of the convenient cash back app which is very easy to use. It is also regarded as the best money making apps in 2019. You can link this app to your credit or debit cards for security purposes.

When you download the app you need to select the five retailers. When you shop from those retailers shop you will certainly earn cash back.

For each and every dollar you spend certain number of points will be credited. These points may vary from merchant to merchant. By doing one time complete tasks you can easily gain free points also.

When you sign up for the drop using any referral code you will earn 1000 points which equals to 1$. The amount will appear when you link your first credit or debit card. IF you refer any of them to drop again you can earn 1000 points= 1$. The referral bonus appears in your account as soon as the referral links his credit or debit cards for first time.
With drop money making app most of the retailers opt for giving gift cards for the points earned rather than hard cash.4

5. Swagbucks:

Swagbuck had nearly 20 years of excellence with millions of users all around the world. You can get paid to(GPT) for doing simple and easy tasks itself. You will be paid for watching video advertisements, taking surveys, reading emails, completing trial offers etc.

Each and every task is rounded with set amount of points known as SB. You can earn SB as soon as you complete the tasks. The sign up bonus for this app changes frequently and you can earn when you complete the tasks in the app.

For each and every member you refer to swagbucks you can earn 10% of earning of your referral earnings. Swagbucks offers paypal as well gift cards. In order to transfer through paypal you need to get 2500 SB which equals to 25$. For getting gift cards 300 SB =3$.

6. Acorns:

If you are a newbie to invest money on stocks, then Acorns is an ideal choice. It is an user friendly app which shows you complete assistance to invest on which stocks and securities.

With a little amount you can start investing.Investing and doing marketing with Acorns is an easy process which is explained very clearly. It comes up with different investment levels and savings account options.

When you sign up for the acorns you can earn 5$ as the bonus.The referral bonus may changes from time to time. But one can enjoy good amount if you refer the people to their app. The users of Acorns earns only money based on their investment.


Making money is very precious these days with the advent of technology. Using right or proper approach for earning makes you happy. The above mentioned apps help to get decent amount of income for the work you done. The above stated 6 best money making apps will definitely help you in 2019 to gain extra income in your free time.

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