List of top 5 augmented reality companies in India 2019

augmented reality

Today I am going to share with guys about the most innovative technology in the field of IT i.e augmented reality. It is measured as the next gen smartphone of the digital era. This augmented reality technology is inbuilt with several potential applications which can change your way of interaction with the smart devices and the physical world.

Augmented reality is an eye catching and evergreen technology.

Before going in depth lets know a few more details about the augmented reality and it’s benefits for the real world applications.

what is augmented reality?

Augmented reality is nothing but the interactive experience of the real world environment where the objects reside in the real world are augmented by computer generated perceptual information. With the help of augmented reality one can experience the changes in the ongoing perception of the real world. Where as the virtual reality completely replaces the users real world with more simulated one.

Well, it is related closely to two terms one is mixed reality and computer mediated reality. The primary value of it is to bring the components of the digital world into one’s perception of the real world. It had the potential in gathering of knowledge and sharing

With the AR technology one can add the layer of digital information on the real world which can be interacted easily through a smart device.

Applications of Augmented Reality Technology:

AR can be used in the field of medicine, educational, engineering, tourism,gaming, military, broadcast, live events etc and many more fields as well.

  • Augmented reality can aid in visualizing the building projects. It is also applied in visual arts to trigger the artistic multidimensional experiences and interpretations of reality.
  • AR is applied in commerce sector to integrate print and video marketing. You can also enhance the product reviews thereby allowing the customers to view the product packing without opening it.
  • AR technology had been embraced in video gaming industry. It allows the video game players to experience the digital play in real world.
  • In the industrial region is allows the designers to experience the product design and it’s operation before completion.
  • AR provides and trains the medical professions. It provides the surgeons with patient monitoring data.
  • With the help of AR one can recognize the human presence in space.
  • It also serves in emergency in the field of military, navigation and flight training etc.

Well, with the advent of several applications in AR , India as one of the fastest growing and developing country joined this AR force to prove. Several startups and big companies across the country have already started developing and testing this technology in the open markets. With this AR, India is going to look for the next biggest change.

Top 5 augmented reality companies in India 2019:

1. iBoson Innovations:

iBoson Innovations means Innovative Brilliant Optimistic Strategic Organized Neoteric. It is an emerging start up from the south part of India, kerala. The key focusing areas mainly on augmented reality, virtual reality and machine learning. It had been merited and listed top on multiple occasions.

One of their best product is UniteAR. It is an advanced computer vision driven AR platform where you can create your own incredible AR experience. It is scalable and compatible . It provides ultimate solution for your destinations in the field of VR, AR and machine learning.

2. Imaginate:

Imaginate is another leader in AR, VR and mixed reality technologies. It was started 10 years back in Hyderabad by hemanth Satyanarayana and alumni of IIT Madras. With the help of strong and proven expertise theri provides services in the field of retail, defence,entertainment and healthcare sectors.

It had several featured clients such as Cisco, metlife, HCL,Indian Army, Thermo Scientific etc. It also achieved many awards for its great and potential work. It focus on technology innovations and deliver the solutions based on the client needs.

3. AugRay:

AugRay is started in 2014. It is an US based AR startup which aims to provide unique solutions in the field of real estate, retail, gaming, marketing industries to their clients. The AugRay AR enabled application i.e TaDa lets you create your personalized avatars and add them to your real world with more fun and interactive.

Well, here is an another innovation of the AugRay i.e NUBE which provides rewarding and funny gaming experience to their customers.

4. Yeppar:

Yeppar is one of the leading AR startup company in India which provides AR solutions all across the globe.It is also very much expertise in offering VR and MR solutions. Their services include print media to automobile industry. The yep-par augmented reality printing solutions and brochures enhance the buying process.

With the help of the yeppar training program industry 4 .0 is a revolutionary way for the automobile and industrial sectors to train and educate their workforces.

5. HashMedia:

hashMedia is an another leading AR company among the most prestigious startups. It also comes with an augmented reality app known as “Virtual Mirror”. This app allows or uses the phones camera or webcam to try out the appeal without actually putting them on physically.

So Augmented reality is going to be a big gift for the users to perceive the things in the real world.

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