UX Trends You Should Be Implementing on Landing Pages in 2019

ux design trends

The ultimate goal of any business website is sales. But don’t know how it triggers on the online web.

Well, a simple user experience(UX) is what drives the sales and takes your business to peak levels.

You don’t really know how does the great user experience happen. I think you had ever thought of this. If you had thought about this in depth and you can be aware of the things which drive sales for your business.

In order to experience a safe browsing, greater conversion rates your business website needs to be designed very accurate and reliable. If you don’t know how to make a proper structure for your business website you may seek the help of the UX web design experts. Because only a great UX expert knows what blend your business to drive more leads. They ensure whether the customers are happy with the product and services.

The UX trends play a major role and creates a flexible and no frictional flow between the user and the product. The UX designs help to have the best journey, comfortable and safe browsing in the user buyer choice. If the user experience is efficient thereby making your customers happy ensures your business success.

Well, what comes in force to decide the UX of the website.

Certainly the landing pages. They are the major elements which decide the UX of your website.

The landing pages are the webpages which prompt the visitors to take certain actions. The action might be downloading e-books, sign up for the free trial, sign up for webinars. Your ultimate goal is to let your business sell or capture leads.

Are landing pages different from home pages?

Yes, landing pages are different from the home pages. In the homepage, you can see the business overview with some links and interlinks as well. Whereas landing pages have the few links mainly directed to the CTA(Call To Action)button so as to accomplish a specific goal. But depending on the business type a home page can also become as the landing page to drive the leads.

Few things to be remembered while designing your landing pages:

Below I am listing out a few points to be considered while designing the landing pages for any business websites.

  • The most certainly the size of the form matters. Keep it clean and precise your point.
  • You need to insert the CTA buttons with some attractive benefits for the users.
  • The content placed on the landing pages should be compelling, convincing, impressive and persuades the users to take action immediately.
  • You need to keep the elements which distract the user’s attention on the web page.
  • You need to focus mainly on the customer’s happiness while designing the landing pages.
  • Do Not disturb the users with unwanted pop-ups while browsing.
  • You need to use pleasing and more appealing color for your form design.

Now I am going to you list the some of the UX(User Experience)trends which should be implemented on your landing pages. By implementing those UX trends your business goals will be fulfilled.

UX trends you should implement on your landing pages:

The major UX design trends to be followed and implemented on your landing pages are:

  • 1. Scrolling is better than navigation
  • 2. Sticky CTA Buttons
  • 3. Videos
  • 4. Anchor tags
  • 5. White spaces
  • 6. Include testimonials and build trust
  • 7. Provide optimized forms

1. Scrolling is better than navigation

Scrolling is best than navigation because of the following reasons.

Because 91% of page views come from scrolling only.
And from that 91%, nearly 70% could be turned to scrolling action.
Nearly 22% scrolls down the bottom of the page so as to complete the action.
So scrolling on the landing pages is far better than navigation.

If we eventually distribute our elements all over the pages then scrolling will ensure that people had crawled the pages. But however other landing page elements are required to complete or drive the user’s attention towards the product. You need to ensure that they are provided with all the benefits and make them perform the call to action button (CTA).

2. Sticky CTA Buttons:

Well, the Call To Action buttons is more precious now because they help you to earn the conversion. Once your customers are at the CTA button you are very close to making them as your loyal customers. The CTA button should be noticeable with proper color contrast to persuade the action. Color contrast for the landing page is one of the best practice to generate leads or to increase conversion ratio. Always place the sticky CTA buttons which drags the attention of the visitors when they decided to buy any product.

There is no need to implement some powerful ideas to generate leads follow simple and easy ideas which resonate with people to convert them into sales.

3. Videos:

The explainer videos which generally refer to the videos which are capable of getting more qualified leads. You need to clearly explain in the video about your product and its advantages so as to convert your visitors into customers. The explainer videos include some animation effects to market your product for promotion activity. Human power is used to prove the power of your business. The video includes the functionalities, features and customer testimonials so as to build trust on the product by the users.

The persuader videos are able to create a human connection with the visitors. For any business to be the success the real people words matters a lot when compared with marketing or promotion.

4. Anchor tags:

Visual cues help a lot to drive sales. They guide your visitors to the CTA page. These visual cues will direct your visitor across the landing pages with an action button. The cues include arrows or human line etc. They help the visitors to scroll down the page whereas set anchor tags are shown at the bottom.

The anchor tags help the visitors to jump from one location to another page source by placing the links on the landing pages. They create a great user experience thereby navigating between the pages.

5. White Spaces:

Due to the presence of white spaces, there will be a chance of an increase in clarity and readability feature thereby increasing visitors attention. It helps in generating the brand value and increases your reputation in long run.

6. Include testimonials and build trust:

Each and every user wants to do business with the brands that are open and honest with them. Your business should be identifiable and easily recognized by the users. In order to build trust, you need to include the testimonials on the landing pages. The reviews not only boost your SEO value but also helps the people to make buy decision. There are some SEO techniques to be given importance to driving more traffic.

7. Provide optimized forms:

On your landing pages, you need to provide the optimized forms for the users to experience safe and easy browsing. Your forms to access the product should be short and sweet because long forms to deter the visitors. No one is ready to fill the full personal details in the long stretched forms. So place the optimized forms on your landing pages to drive more sales.

By using all the above UX trends you can generate a good count for your business sales.

Suppose in case if you are not on online for a few days. You will be worried about your leads and customers to your product.

Here comes the chatbot facility which helps you to improve your business even without your online presence. Because the chatbot is a software program installed on the websites so as to interact between the web visitors and the customers. The only thing you need to do is to install the WordPress Chatbot plugins on your website. The chatbot answers to the customer’s query just like the human do.


UX trends help to increase the conversion rates for your business landing pages. Based on the visitors you receive you need to design the landing pages so as to convert them. You can include sticky CTA buttons, Visual cues or anchor tags or anything else but your goal is to provide enjoyable UX.

A web page designed by using UX trends will ensure the information presented in a more logical and compelling way. Your visitors should be able to see the benefits you offer so as to increase the conversions and have the best user experience.

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