Is tik tok a safe measuring video application for kids?

tik tok

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, WeChat, Tumblr, Snapchat are the evergreen and trending social media apps. With the increase of technology there had been improvements in the social apps and varieties of app are released into market. One among such social media sharing apps is the tik tok stood #1 in the video sharing platform for few seconds.

All the social media apps can be used by everyone including child and parent but had some age restrictions. Some apps needs to be used by the kid under the supervision of their parents so as to ensure security and safety.

Generally youngsters get more addicted to the latest and trending apps than adults. Among such apps the tik tok had taken a great place in the youngsters mind. Today everyone from kid to adult are happy to use this tik tok video streaming app. It is regarded as the best video sharing application and downloaded by millions of users all over world.

Tik Tok videos makes your live more funny and enjoyable to share and explore your memorable moments with the users f similar groups or friends and families. You can easily make or take your videos to next level by special effects, fun stickers and music patterns etc. As your life is short and sweet enjoy every moment and show the world what you like.

Many of the stars or celebrities also use this app to share the funny stories or videos to the people. It helps you to show the world your talent in particular field.

But however for every social media apps there are pros and cons one should use the apps in a positive way. It gives the best results. There is also negative side of the tik tok because your kids or child may not beware of the world and don’t know how to use it properly. So as an adult you need to guide your kids in using this app.

Is tik tok safe for kids:

Well, every app is safe if uses it carefully. Help your child while creating the tik tok account.

The tik tok app can be used by the people of above 12 years of age. Here are some rolled out safe side zone for the kids to use this app without failure. If they are determined to use this app then they need to follow some security issues such as:

Enhanced and improved private settings:

Help your kid to set their videos as private so that only the approved followers can see them. Because by default while creating the tik tok account, it is public which is open to all age groups.

Can delete account very easily:

If you had seen an misuse or bad images you can automatically i.e the users had right to delete the account at any moment. There is no need to email or contact tik tok for account deletion.

Tik tok ensures private messaging:

You need to set your account with private messaging immediately after creating it. Because it enables to receive messages from the tik tok friends. You cannot get messages from other unwanted or unnecessary contacts. It helps you to set and receive the messages very safely.

Parental controls:

The tik tok helps to give parents additional tools to help it’s youngster users. You can guide your kids safe from inappropriate videos to be added to the account.

Tik tok had several security measures to project and guide the kids to use this app.As a parent you need to take care to protect your child from the new and latest app usage.

Your kid should be proper old enough to use the app.

Your child should know to keep the identity secure and he should know how to report for the inappropriate content or videos.

Your child should be aware of the explicit songs on the app.

The digital wallet element helps to you the users who had been on the app for more than 2 hours. You can set or turn on the restricted mode to inappropriate content on the app.

By making your account to be private you can allow or deny the users and set limit for incoming messages. Even if you create or make your account as private still your personal information can be visible to every user on the platform.

Tik tok is the secure app for the child because it won’t able to make direct interactions between the users. They can just leave comment or direct message on the app thereby avoiding misuse of this feature

What makes the tik tok as the ideal choice for youngsters?

Tik tok users can create short videos through the lip syncing songs, or with comedy sketches,effects and sound bites to choose from.

On tik tok video sharing app you can enjoy the following:

  • You can watch the millions for videos selected especially for you.
  • You can easily get inspired by the community of talented experts on the tik tok.
  • You can easily add your favorite music or sound to the videos you make for free.
  • By using face and emoji stickers you can make your videos to next level.
  • The editing tools of tik tok app helps to trim and edit the video clips very easily.
  • You are updated with live streaming filters with some creative designs.


However the tik tok does not permit the images or videos to be sent in the comments or messages form. It provides the safe and positive environment and protect against misuse.


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