10 best Instagram follower’s apps in 2019

Instagram followers

Instagram is currently the fastest growing social networking website. It has more than 1B active users. Thus, many companies are trying to target it now. Instagram users are more engaging when compared with other social media users. But, it is not easy to grow on Instagram. The competition is growing day by day. Either, you must be lucky or have a huge social media budget to beat your competitors.

The more followers you have, the better the engagement you will get. Thus, you will have more chances of going viral. There are some apps which can increase your followers in an instant. Most of these apps are free. Thus, you don’t need to worry about your budget while using them.

Best Instagram Follower’s Apps

  1.    Socialenablers

Socialenablers is a completely free follow for follow website. You can easily increase your followers in seconds. Also, this website is very easy to use. Follow below steps to use this website.

  •    First, go to this website and create a new account.
  •    Now, enter the dashboard section.
  •    Here you have to enter your Instagram username.
  •    After that, select the number of followers you need. You can select up to 60k followers.
  •    Next, you need to select the number of days. You can select from 0-60 days.
  •    You will receive new followers before the deadline date you selected.
  1.    Turbo Follower

Turbo Follower is the most famous Instagram follower app right now. It can help you to gain a ton of new followers and likes. This app is completely free. All you need to do is like other user’s photo to get free likes.

It is available on both Android and iOS platform. If you don’t own a mobile, then you can use an emulator on your computer. Turbo Follower removes all bots from their apps. Thus, you will only get real and genuine followers.


This Android App is also great for gaining new Instagram followers. This app also helps you in making your profile more attractive. They will help you in improving your posts quality.

Followers+ will also provide you with a list of Trending Hashtags. You can use these Hashtags to increase your engagement and followers. There are many more advanced features available on this website. They allow you to easily find more posts for your niche.

  1.    AddMeFast

AddMeFast is for computer or Mac users. It is not available on Android and iOS platform. This website is similar to the Turbo Follower. It is based on points or coins system. You can like other user’s photos or follow them to gain points. After gaining a significant amount of points, you can use it to go promote your Instagram accounts. You can gain both Instagram followers and Instagram post likes using this website.

  1.    Get Followers

Get Followers is one of the best Android apps to gain Instagram followers. You will earn a significant amount of followers by just installing this Android App. It is also based on points or coins system. You can gain these coins by following other Instagram accounts.

You can use these coins to gain new followers. If you use this app correctly, then you can gain up to 50k followers easily. It has a very good user interface. Thus, you can easily use it to gain points and followers.

  1.    Fastlykke

Fastlykke is one of the best apps to increase your Instagram followers, likes and comments. There are no bots on this app. Thus, you will only receive genuine followers or likes. This will increase the overall engagement of your Instagram ID.

This service is not completely free. But, it is very cheap. You have to pay only $5 to gain around 1k followers. This is definitely cheaper when compared to other alternatives.

  1.    Fame Boom

Fame Boom is another free app to increase your Instagram followers. It is an Android app which you can use on your computer using an emulator. You can find popular hashtags using this app. You must try to tap into these popular hashtags to increase your Instagram engagement.  This app will help you in increasing the overall quality of your Instagram posts.

  1.    Followers for Instagram

This app is available only on the Apple Store. As most of the apps in this list are for Android Phones, we decided to add some Apple apps also. This app comes packed with a lot of features. You can use it to manage your Instagram analytics also.

This app is also based on coins base system. You can either buy these coins or earn them by following other users. Try to earn as many coins as you can. After that, you can use these coins to gain Instagram followers.

  1.    Like4Like

You can boost your Instagram account growth using this website. It is based on Follow for the following system. You have to follow other users and they will follow you back in return. Similarly, you can also gain likes using this app. This website is great for getting an initial boost.

  1.     Fast Followers Boost

You can use this Android app to boost your Instagram account. It allows you to share your posts with a large community. There are more than a million users in this community. Thus, you will get a lot of new followers and likes. They will also help you in increasing the overall quality of posts.

These were the best Instagram Follower apps. You can use these apps to give an initial boost to your Instagram account.

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