Review on the latest Android OS 9 Pie

Yeah, it’s excited or happy to share with your the latest android version 9 Pie. It’s the time for the release of the latest Android version.

One can find immerse interest from our technology enhancements and advancements. Our technology helps us to come ups with new and updated versions one after the other which simplifier your work nature. The latest Android version jumps into an array of updates and versions and here comes the latest update for the world’s most popular operating System is Android 9 Pie.

The Android OS 9 Pie is designed in such a way that it brings the Google updated material designs to the Android OS which leads to the UI updates in the Google Portfolio. It had been designed with very good and top notch interfacing systems. Moreover, for the design of smartphones in the future, it uses the experimental gesture navigation system and built-in support.

There had been advanced in each and every part of the work to make it more professional and simple. You can get the new improvements and changes for the text selection and the rotation of the work. All the improvements and changes are made with the help of the AI-powered battery usage controls and there had a very sensible rules changes for the play store developers and the way the app get distributed.

If your Google pixel phone is downloading the Android 9 Pie at this moment you can definitely enjoy with the following sustainable features.

Android 9 Pie adaptive Features list:

The Android 9 Pie is a very advantageous option for us as it’s OS comes with the AI features which produce the tools for a better life with Android. Yeah, there come plenty of features for Android 9 Pie and it is quite difficult for anyone to sort out for the best among them. The below are some lovable features you really going to enjoy by using the Android OS in your daily life.

App navigation and browsing:

App navigation and browsing system are the latest features introduced by the Google for it’s Android OS users. You need to swipe up from the bottom of the screen in order to unlock your apps. You might have noticed in the previous versions that the used apps appear in the horizontal format but with the Android 9 Pie introduction, it appears from left to right of the screen.

This Android 9 Pie version helps to find, manage your content very easily and fast. As all the recently used apps are placed at the bottom of the screen, you can access the apps or even content very fast and smooth. I can say that it is very delightful to use and a bigger achievement beyond the previous versions.

Google also gesture controls but couldn’t a success for the latest android version 9 Pie.


With the technology improvements, you can get everything in the form of notifications. You can schedule your notifications to appear later or even mute them, view them on lock screen etc. Notifications are one of the great advantages features of the Android 9 Pie OS version. In the latest Android release, the notifications are designed in a very accurate way which appears in a new font and minimal design options. The latest android 9 Pie helps you to recognize the unseen notifications and even permanently blocks any app notifications too.

Do Not Disturb Feature:

The do not disturb features helps to get through simplified call conversations, messages, notifications and reminders etc. It’s very easy to use and customize the feature. By turning on the do not disturb feature it will automatically block the interruptions such as improper sounds in the background while you are handling the calls.

Digital Wellbeing:

Android OS 9 Pie

The Google digital wellbeing is the feature which remains in beta version. If you are using the Android Pie on the Google pixel device then it will be easy to handle with. However, the entire digital wellbeing is a complex or suite of three pillars which resides in the settings app. The three pillars are Screen Time, App Timers and Wind Down.

The first pillar Screen time represents the time you spent on viewing all your apps. It also helps you to know that how many times you had locked down your screen and number of notifications you received. With the screen time option, you can able to look after all the data you consumed or viewed along with the sessions. Though it is very interesting to know but not found to be an eye-opening.

I can say that with the App timers one can get good results and preventing the usage. It does a good job than apple system.

App Actions:

Android OS 9 Pie

With app actions, one can potentially save your time and efforts. With the help of the few commands, you can trigger the apps to appear dynamically around the Android UI, app drawer, search suggestions and even on text selection. With the Android 9 Pie, you can set and expect things to pop up at some time point. All the actions will be notified by the time you set and you can accomplish your work or tasks without any failure.

Android 9 Pie supports simple UI changes:

Android 9 Pie comes up with minor UI changes as well. For example, the media volume in Android 8 version is updated with minor changes to Android 9 Pie. In Android 9 Pie the volume controls look after better than Android 8. In the Android 9 Pie, the media volume is prioritized and it also reduces the accidental rotation of the screens as all the apps are located at the bottom. It supports strong editing feature as well. One can find it very easy to edit the screenshots if you use the latest android version 9 pie.

Project Treble is the name given for the Google to the Android OS update issue. You can see that more phones will be eligible for the latest Android version.

Bottom Line:

yeah, I can say that Project Treble will help the other android devices to get Android 9 Pie version. If your devices running with Android then you might have chances to grab the quick attention of the latest android version update i.e Android 9 Pie. Android is the very ever pleasing platform with multiple versions of OS and updates for their users. It will definitely make one satisfied with their achievements.

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